Mesquite Monsters & Carnival 2017


Pumpkin Contest

On Tuesday, October 31st, Mesquite had their Halloween carnival!

Our first activity was the costume contest, with judges, Mrs. McClelland, Darcy, Rhonda, and Antonsen. Maddie Clark won the cutest, Cup of Noodles, Hannah Elder won scariest Zombie baby momma, and Jared Wust won most creative, a sniper.

Our second activity was pumpkin carving that Duncan & Williams supervised with 3 winners. 1st place Suellen Soard, 2nd place Lexi Byrne, and 3rd place Aliyah Haughaboo.

Cosner & Meech hosted the pie eating contest, whick comes with participation prizes!

Mummy wrap relay ran by Darcy & Bear, with participation prizes.

And finally Zdeba & Antonsen will be doing the cake walk! More than ten chances to win a cake, cupcakes, and cookies!

Rhoda and Carol helped prepare the tables and help get all the food ready for us. Lunch was held in the media center.

This was our Halloween 2017 celebration