NASA Astronaut Returns – Record Breaking Journey

NASA Astronaut Returns - Record Breaking Journey

Lindsie-Lyn Calderon, Staff Writer

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returns after about 11 months in space on a mission. She is the first female to spend this long in space and she has safely landed and returned to earth on Thursday with two other astronauts. Koch spent 11 months in space on the International Space Station. The crew spent 328 days in space making her the first female to spend that long in space. Last year Koch beat the previous record by spending 289 days in space and shattered her own record this year by spending 39 more days this year than last year. She became an astronaut in 2013 and has been on six missions since then. Koch and her team made 5,248 orbits and 139 million miles during their mission on the international space station. After returning all astronauts will be getting a routine medical exam but so far seem to be healthy.