Bermuda Triangle- Fact or Fiction?

Lindsie-Lyn Calderon, Staff Writer

What is the Bermuda Triangle? It is a part that covers 500,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. This part goes from Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico and is the cause of many ships and planes disappearing. Not many people can fully explain the reason these things go missing. Everyone has theories about everything and there are theories about what happens to the things that go missing here but with every theory you never know if there is any truth to it. In the Bermuda Triangle ships and planes lose communication and disappear even in the best weather conditions and with no explanation. With every theory there is a counter theory to it which usually makes the theory seem untrue or impossible for it to happen. Ships and planes randomly reappear with no explanation hundreds of years later of the coast of the land surrounding it, these have been linked to ships and planes that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Although things have disappeared the U.S Navy and Coast Guard do not recognize it as an official thing and say there is nothing mysterious happening there.