The Super Bowl Controversy – Foot In or Out?

Lindsie-Lyn Calderon, Staff Writer

Super Bowl Sunday is a highly popular event in America and even some other countries around the world. Yesterday was the 54th annual Superbowl played by the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami, Florida. Whether you watch it for the game, the commercials, or the halftime show most people have a reason to watch. One thing a lot of people are arguing about is whether the refs made a good or bad call when it came to a Chiefs touchdown. In the fourth quarter with only a few minutes left to spare the Chiefs made a questionable touchdown. The running back Damien Williams made a touchdown but should it really have counted? Although the ball crossed over the end zone line many people are saying his foot was on the outside line making him out of bounds and therefore making the touchdown not count. For a player to be out of bounds only a small part of their body has to be crossing the line. For a touchdown to count only the ball has to cross the end zone line. After great anticipation during the review of the play the refs allowed the touchdown to count. This is believed to be the play that caused the 49ers the Superbowl win that many think they deserved. Was his foot on the line? Should the play have counted? Were the refs being unfair? What’s your opinion?