49er’s Make a Comeback

Erika Becerril, Staff Writer

   The NFL team San Francisco 49ers have not been in the NFL Super Bowl for years. They won five super bowls between 1981 and 1984, led by hall of famers, Joe Montanata, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, and coach Bill Walsh. They now in 2020 have thirteen wins and three losses going into the super bowl. The 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Let’s talk about the 49er’s last season, last year’s season their rookie quarterback, Jimmy Garapalo had an injury to end his season with a torn A.C.L. He now has come back better than ever this season carrying the team to the Superbowl with his teammate George Kittle as a tight end. This year they have been playing very well. 

Fans are extremely excited about this comeback for the 49er’s. They have their own slogan for San Francisco, which is “ Faithful then, faithful now. The 49er’s are a strong team and they are ready to compete.