All About Deonte Todd


Erika Becerril, Staff Writer

 You all might know a teenager named Deonte Todd. You might have seen him walking around Mesquite High, but how well do you really know him? Deonte was born May 31st, 2002 which makes him 17 years old. He was born in Kansas City, Kansas. Deonte has many different types of interests mainly outdoors and dislikes school. Deonte’s favorite animal is a dog, specifically a Rottweiler. He enjoys eating wings and drinking a nice cold “ V8” juice on a nice fall day. His hobbies include, sports, bowling, and fishing. Kansas City is where he grew up and came from. It’s also where he played football during middle school and some high school. He came to Ridgecrest because he had gotten in trouble and needed a fresh start. He now has good grades and is on track with school. Deonte is a very nice and an easy to talk to kind of guy.