Grand Prix Series

David Evans, Staff Writer

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The National Grand Prix Series is a motocross racing series that is located in California, Nevada, and Arizona. This series is a mixture of different types of riding styles. In racing grand prix you race desert, motocross, and enduro. The race tracks are about 14 mile long laps and if you race beginner to novice you race for forty five minutes, but if you race intermediate to pro you race for an hour and a half. When you race the hour and a half you have to “pit” which means that you have to stop in the middle of the race to get gas. When you pit you could also to other things such as getting new goggles or getting water. When you start these races you start in lines that consist of people in your race category. The grand prix races are very physically demanding and dangerous. These races are about once a month except during the summer because it is too hard on the bikes and hard on your body. Every race you enter you get a certain amount of points depending on the place you get, if you were to have a good season and race every race you would have a good shot at the championship because many people do not race every race they just race the ones closest to them. There are eight rounds in the whole series but the whole series is spread out throughout the whole year. The main sponsor of the NGPC series is AMA which is a motocross company that holds events for racers.