No “Let It Go” in The New Movie Frozen 2

Skyler Voight, Staff Writer


Lets “Let go,” of the conflict on the new movie Frozen 2. Everyone is raging on the fact our 2019 movie Frozen 2, does not have a remake of “Let It Go.” The new Frozen movie is attempting to improve or match the first “Frozen” movie’s songs. The new movie has 6 great new songs with Broadways traditional structures, all with the intention of keeping the new movie rolling. None will be 33 weeks on the Hot 100 charts like “Let It Go” but it will also be worshiped on their own merits. A nice touch in our new movie is all four leads sing together in the song “Some Things Never Change,” with the saying “I’m Holding On Tight To You,” Is the inverse of “Let It Go.”