Who is Hades?

Cassandra Castro, Staff Writer



Hades is known as the god of the underworld, it became his domain after he and his brothers got a share of the universe and parts of the world. Hades domain however, can be found between secret entrances located around the earth. Hades is seen as a bad character mainly because of his presence as the god of the underworld, but he is also called the god of wealth mainly due to his possession of precious metals of the earth. His throne is made of ebony and he carries around a scepter, but most don’t know what the material its made of. Hades is the ruler of the underworld but not death himself, he rarely leaves the underworld partly because his known presence is not welcomed by man or the gods themselves. He takes pride in his collection of “subjects” and was disinclined to let anyone leave; he had also employed furies to torture the guilty.