Sports Related Concussions

Cody Thatcher, Staff Writer

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Every year a colossal number of athletes get concussions playing their sport. Though typically 5 of 10 concussions go without being reported. The number of concussions a year average around 2 to 2.5 million per year. Two out of 10 concussions happen high school athletes. Of all the concussions each year 300,000 come from american football, 500,000 are related to lacrosse and around 450,000 concussions for soccer players. Close to 90% of all concussions are accidental.  There are a few cases in which they are not accidental that’s why NFL and NASL have added rules within the sports making sure that the percent of athletes that get concussions playing sports do not gain concussions. Concussions can cause permanent brain damage and cause seizures, For some athletes it can force them to stop playing high school contact sports anymore.