NFL 2019

NFL 2019

Cody Thatcher, Staff Writer

The NFL team ranks for the 2019 preseason:


 For the preseason the Patriots and Chiefs are the 2 top ranking teams both going 3-0. 


For the AFC East The Patriots take the lead with a 3-0 score followed behind by the Bills with another nice 3-0 game score after that it’s the Dolphins then the Jets both with 0 wins and 3 losses. 


The AFC West, The Chiefs hold number 1 ranking with 3-0 and followed by the Raiders with a 1-2 ratio  then the Chargers with 1-2 ratio and the Broncos with a 0-3. For the AFC North the Ravens hold 1st with a 2-1 ration in second place the Browns followed behind by the Bengals and then the Steelers. AFC South The Texans are first with a 2-1 followed by a 2-1 by the colts after that its the jaguars and the Titans with both as a 1-2 win loss ratio