Schools Divided in The Same System

Amanda Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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  In a little town called Ridgecrest CA  there are two high schools. Burroughs High School is the main high school, but there’s also a little high school called Mesquite. Mesquite is a very small school with less than 100 kids, but I feel they get outcasted, they don’t have any sports for the kids to play. The other high school also sends all the “bad kids” to then so they don’t have to deal with cops there. 

Mesquite is a small school with 5 teachers and less than 100 kids. They have one PE class and a walking class. Mesquite doesn’t have any sports teams the only extracurricular activity is year book. Mesquite students aren’t allowed near Burroughs. If found there they are removed from the area by the school resource officer. Mesquite students aren’t allowed to join any sports from Burroughs. They are banned from the campus. 

From personal reference I’ve been to both schools. I was told that because my credits weren’t up to their standard I wouldn’t graduate in time i was also told I had to go to Mesquite and I would not be able to return because I wouldn’t have my credits done in time. I am at Mesquite as of now and this is the year I was supposed to graduate at Burroughs I have gotten my credits up and according to my teachers here at Mesquite I will graduate when I’m supposed to. I was outcasted because they didn’t believe in me. A few other students here at mesquite were outcasted because they didn’t believe in them.