To Be a Good American

To Be a Good American

Gabriel Negrette, Staff Writer

To be an American it to be free,  it does not matter about your race, gender, or how you act.  In America everyone is the same no matter how you look or how you act. 

Today there are things happening that might make you  not even want to be an American. because of these things school shootings, gangs, killings, and robberies. All of this stuff can be seen today from the news or in real life and most of these things occur everyday which makes America not the safest place to be, but in my opinion the safest place to be is away from it all and that is in the middle of nowhere.  In reality depending where your from these things can be seen, occur where you live, or happen to you, but for me it is nothing new I used to see these things everyday since I was a little kid I use to hang around the wrong people, until I moved to Ridgecrest.

In Ridgecrest there is nothing really bad out here except people who do drugs twenty-four-seven, but it is not as bad now I am away from it all. Sometimes I go visit where I used to live because I lots of family down there.

To be a good American is to go to school, do not drop out because, if you try to get a job somewhere the people who you want to get hired by will look at your record and see that you have not completed school, then that will mess up your whole career just because of one little thing.