History of Oktoberfest

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

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Almost everyone has heard about Oktoberfest, they only think of the beer and carnival though not the real purpose and intent that was first laid unto the land in the 1800s. The real backstory, or what people believe is the true story goes like this; a young prince was getting married to a young princess, they got married but wanted to hold an event for this royal matrimony. They invited the people of Munich to celebrate with them on the fields that were directly outside the town gate. The people of Munich loved the festival so much, they kept having one every year on the third weekend of September. Now in today’s modern world the grounds are filled with beer tents, beer halls, a much more grand fair, and also every three years they hold an agricultural fair on the outskirts of the festival to celebrate and boost Bavarian culture and agriculture.

The fields are named after the princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen to honor the crowned princess. A year after the festival took place, the people wanted more entertainment in this sparse festival, so they added a horse-race. In 1818 the first carousel and two swings were added to make the fair even more fun. There were also small beer stands littered around the field, which later in today’s Oktoberfest have become giant tents/halls.