The 250 V. 450

David Evans, Staff Writer

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There are two main sizes of dirt bikes a 250 and 450. Both the 450 and 250 have the same size frame wheels and other parts.The 250 is the slower one because it has a smaller piston boar. The 250 can be fast if it was geared right and could go about 75 miles per hour. The 450 is the fastest bike and has bigger radiators than the 250 because it has to work more because it has a big piston bore.  The 450 can go about 100 miles per hour if it was geared right. Many people who begin to ride have 250 because it is less torch and is slower. If you had been riding for a long time you probably have a 450 because your 250 is slow and want more power. The 450 weighs about 50 more pounds then the 250.