The Nine Divines – The Elder Scrolls

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

The world of The Elder Scrolls is by far the most interactive, you can read books in game, you can talk to the NPCs and get a bunch of lore for that specific game. The weirdest lore by far has to be The Nine Divines. What are The Nine Divines? They are gods and goddesses that protect the people of Tamriel and guard them from the evil Daedra. Deadra are like the demons and devils to the elder scrolls gods and goddesses, they try and steal people’s souls by corrupting them with artifacts, knowledge or even just a chance at true love. Anything can go wrong when interacting with Daedra, but sometimes you will come out relatively unscathed. The Great divines though are Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr, Zenithar, and Talos.

Each Aedra ‘divine’ lord over everyday things like say Mara, she is in charge of love and compassion. To pray to these gods, you just need to find a shrine and click ‘do you want to pray?’.  The Deadra are higher in number though, so it’s hard to distinguish them from their holy counterparts. There is however one known Daedric prince that is said to be good, and their name is Azura. Azura has the daedric artifact called Azura’s Star, which will allow you to capture souls and use them in your enchanting. There is much more to these Gods and Princes that it would take an entire book just to cover all of them thoroughly, so get to researching if your interested enough in The Elder Scrolls lore!