How to Play Gin Rummy

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

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Two play the game of Gin Rummy, using a 52-card deck; each player is dealt ten cards face down, one at a time, beginning with the nondealer. The remainder of the deck, placed facedown, forms the stock, the top card of which is turned up beside it to start the discard pile. The nondealer may take the top card from the discard pile or refuse it; if the nondealer refuses, the dealer has the same option. If both refuse, the nondealer draws the top card of the stock. Thereafter, each player in turn takes the top card of the discard pile or the stock and then discards one card faceup on the discard pile.

The object of play is to form melds as in rummy either sequences of three or more cards of the same suit or sets of three or more cards of the same rank. After drawing, a player whose unmatched cards total ten points or less may “knock”. Face cards count ten points each, aces one point each, and other cards their index value. Upon knocking, a player melds up to ten cards, with unmatched cards to one side, and then discards the eleventh card. Melding all ten cards is called going “gin”.