The History of Cryptids

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

The history of cryptids is very similar to how stories of how gods are formed, but cryptids are more than likely just mythical creatures. Folklore does a really good job at recording these strange, bizarre creatures by being able to be passed down from parent to child through the ages. The more famous cryptids you undoubtedly should know by now would be, Wendigo, the Jersey Devil, Mothman, the Loch Ness Monster, and so much more. There are people out there who actually actively ‘hunt’ or ‘track down’ these fabled legends such as bigfoot, the name for these ‘hunters’ are Cryptozoologists! Cryptozoologists date back to ancient times but they still hunt the same creatures that were foretold in fairy tales.

More than likely cryptids don’t really exist, they were more likely just filler in fairy tales that were meant to scare people into not going into the woods at night time. Some might be true creatures, but just warped by fear or anger, like the chupacabra. There were many dangers in the old world so there are many, many cryptid stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.