Tatzelwurm the Cryptid

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

The Tatzelwurm is a scary cryptid, it first appeared in front of a man named Hans Fuchs. He said he witnessed two Tatzelwurms that appeared out of nowhere, right in front of him. It’s said that he was scared so badly that he suffered a massive heart attack but apparently he lived long enough to tell the tale, but later died due to the heart attack. Later in the nineteenth century brought about more sightings of the Tatzelwurm and more frighteningly the reports also grew more frequent. Witnesses would characteristically describe a creature with a thick, light-colored body, four legs with three toes, and wide mouths which had very sharp serpentinen teeth. According to “witnesses” the creature either had a very short neck, or no neck at all, and was said to be around seven feet in length, most of the reports of the Tatzelwurm claimed it to have smooth skin, but there were a few that reported small scales over its body. But nearly all reports consisted of a stubby bob cat like tail. 

The Tatzelwurm has been reported as a hibernating creature, which means it sleeps most or all of the winter away. They say it sleeps in mountainsides which has also given it the German name stollenwurm, which means worm that lives in holes. But on occasion farmers did find them sleeping in hay stacks and barns around their little farms. One certain farmer reported killing a hibernating Tatzelwurm at which point a green substance drained out of its mouth. Then in 1924 two men discovered a five foot long skeleton resembling that of a lizard. So of course the legends continued, and I don’t know if there’s any truth to them, or maybe the German people were creating stories from things that could be related to the mythical creature to scare their children into being safe in the woods.