Too Much Drama for A Lama

Staff, Staff Writer

People are always butting heads but teenagers in particular start lots of fights and drama. Why fight? Is your life really that boring that you have to create your own drama when nothing happens? Most people try to avoid drama.Then there are the drama driven teens and preteens who just need the drama to get attention. While we grow up most of us have to fight through the drama and conflicts just to try and survive and stay sane. Then there are your drama lama’s who grow up in good homes no fight, no trauma, and with everything they need to grow up happy and healthy. They have married parents who have good jobs and take them to church on Sundays. They’re thirteen and start dying their hair, fighting, and doing drugs. They then make it to where everyone else has to be involved with the drama for no reason. Other then the fact that they want to feel like they are tougher bigger and better than everyone else. Every year the students get worse and more annoying with their wanna be act. Sadly a lot of the younger people also start having sex way before they can handle it. I have a friend she had a kid before she turned eighteen and now lives all the statistics for teens moms. She had the kid then her baby daddy cheated and she left him, now she is pregnant with her second child. To top it all off the first one is only about three.