2 Stroke, 4 Stroke, or Electric – Which One is Best for You?

David Evans, Staff Writer

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There are three types of dirt bikes 2 stroke, four stroke, and electric bikes. The 4 stroke dirt bikes are dirt bikes that you use straight pump gas, uses a timing chain, fuel injected, and does not have an expansion chamber. The four stroke engines last a long time and could not be maintained and still run forever.  The 4 stroke engine has a lot of parts to it and are really complicated to rebuild. The 2 strokes engines are faster and sound better than a 4 stroke engine, these bikes require a lot of maintenance and you have to put a special type of oil in the gas so it can lubricate the cylinder. These bikes also have something called a “power bad” which is a cycle that gives the bike a lot of power when you are in high rpm’s. The last type of bike that is has little to no sound. These bikes do not have a clutch they are good for beginners who have never ridden. These bikes are really touchy and have as much power as a 250 4 stroke.