Types of Dirt Bike Riding – Pick One and Go For It!

David Evans, Staff Writer

There are many types of dirt bike riding such as desert, supercross, motocross, freestyle, and endro. Desert riding is mainly wide open flying through the desert at about 60 to 90 miles per hour. The bikes that people use for this are geared long so you could have a faster top end speed than you would normally have on a stock bike. In desert riding you have some parts that normally wouldn’t be there such as an oversize tank to hold more gas because you are going for miles wide open  and do not want to run out, you would also have a steering stabilizer because you are going so fast you need a stabilizer so your bars do not get caught and stuck on something really easy. On a supercross bike you would have a bike with a small tank, stiff suspension, aholeshot device to keep your front end low to the ground on the start and short gears because you do not really go that fast you just do a bunch of jumps, whoops and turns. Supercross is a dangerous sport because the jumps are really big and the run up to the jumps are not long. Another type of riding is motocross which is a type of racing that contains jumps whoops, turns and some deep ruts. Motocross is one of the most dangerous types of racing because every lap the track changes and the jumps are 120 ft. and there is not a lot of time to correct yourself when you do motocross. The last type of dirt bike racing is endro which is a type of racing that you go over rocks, through creeks, rivers, up and down mountains, and through the trees. Endro is a tiring type of dirt bike racing because you use so much more of your muscle because you have to maneuver a 200 lb. bike around to get it where you want it. The enduro bikes are geared really low so you could have a lot of torch so you could get up and over things. They also have really grippy foot pegs so your feet do not fly off.The last type of dirt bike racing is freestyle which is a type of riding that you do flips and other tricks on a bike. Freestyle bike usually have a shaved seat son it’s easier to grip, holes in the air to put your hand for certain tricks, high bars, and hand savers to improve your grip.