Motocross – Ride Fast! But Wear the Correct Safety Gear

David Evans, Staff Writer

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 All motocross riders wear different types and brand of motocross gear but the basic gear for a beginner is pants, boots, goggles, jersey, gloves and a helmet that is D.O.T. approved.There are many different helmets that you could choose from,  but in today’s society there are some brands that are really good such as 6D and Bell, they have some of the best helmets on the market. These helmets are really expensive.  Some helmets even cost up to seven hundred dollars but these helmets have been tested and are really good at protecting your head.These are also many boots on the market but there are only two boots that really protect you and are comfortable they are the Alpinestar tech 10’s and the Fox instincts these boots are also really expensive too. They cost up to six hundred dollars. There are many brands of dirt bike jerseys and pants and the average cost of gear is about 200 hundred dollars. There is not really a specific type of gear you should buy you should choose gear on if it fits well and how comfortable it is. Many people are specific on the type of goggles they use but there are two types of goggles that are available. Tinted goggles are one type of goggles. They are goggles with a dark tint that could be black, blue, and even red. Clear goggles are goggles that are clear and give you a better vision but also will have the sun or the lights shining in your eyes. There is also other gear you could wear such as a neck brace, knee braces, and a chest plate but these you should consider wearing them if you are wanting to race or go fast.