Dodgers V. Angels – Which Team are You With?

Victor Cuevas, Staff Writer

 The Dodgers and Angels have had a rivalry for a long time and I feel that they are rivals because they are so close together and they are always fighting for fans. The Angels started in 1966 their last championship was in 2002. The president of the Angels baseball is John Caprino. The Angels stadium is located in Anaheim California and was build in 1998.The Dodgers started in 1911 they have won five World Series championships the latest one was in 1955. The dodgers have one AA pennants earned in 1989.The dodgers were located in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Los Angeles in 1958. The president of the dodger baseball is Andrew Friedman. In 1962 the Dodgers played their very first game against the Cincinnati Reds and that game had attracted more than 52,000 fans. The Dodgers stadium is the oldest stadium west of the Mississippi river.