Live Animals for Key Chains? Yes, in Some Parts of the World

Guadalupe Ponce, Staff Writer

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In some parts of China in the markets, on the subway entrances, and train stations you can find live animals packaged up as souvenirs. Little tortoises are put in a plastic pouches while they are still alive and sealed with colored water and a little bit of food. The store owners say the food can last up to 1-3 months but that’s not the case and the animals often suffocate because they are sealed in plastic. They don’t only do this to little tortoises but they do it fish and salamanders. Most of the animals they have for display end up dying within a few days and you can often see that they are dead on the tables before even purchasing them. Nothing is being done because the director of the director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association says that “China only has a wildlife protection law” and that “If the animals are not wild they fall outside they fall outside the law’s scope.” Nothing is being done about it and they see nothing wrong with it. Some people do buy them just to free them but other people use them as “good luck charms.”