Bethesda studios – What Comes Next?

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

Currently at Bethesda Studios, the offices are in disarray. The reason I say this is because the last time the gaming company published a groundbreaking game in 2011 by the name of Skyrim, possibly the last good Elder Scrolls for at least 10 years, well that 10 years is almost up but Bethesda isn’t revealing any details on the elder scrolls VI. People are using the teaser trailer to try and figure out the geography of the land so then they could see where on the map of Tamriel this new game is going to be located. Todd Howard the CEO of Bethesda Studios, is being hounded for his utter lack of care and compassion for the fallout 76 scandals, he seems as if he’s trying to make things better than Skyrim, but some older games are bound to be better than the newer generation.

Our patience is wearing thin though, Bethesda keeps throwing ‘be patient, be patient’ in our faces, thinking we won’t get annoyed/upset, but they keep reusing Skyrim and basically wearing it down so much that now a once beautifully made game is dull. Fallout is a whole other can of worms but we will get into it don’t worry! Fallout is a franchise that is basically 20 years old by now, and Bethesda just won’t stop beating it into its grave, what with fallout 76 people are now starting to dislike the Bethesda Studios even more than it already was from the Elder Scrolls.

But they are coming out with a new game called Starfield, From what I’ve seen around the web its supposed to be a mix between The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Maybe it’ll come out and be just like how No Man’s Sky, which is not going to be good at all for this already dying gaming giant. I can’t wait to see what the games of the future are going to be, they more than likely will all be virtual reality, no more consoles!