Advertising to The World

Olivia Bradley, Staff Writer

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In today’s age, you can’t go anywhere now without being bombarded with subliminal messaging from the various companies trying to get your attention with their advertising. Ever since the internet’s early days advertising has been a huge problem, but a necessity. Imagine living in a world free of ads, you wouldn’t know what kinds of foods and or products are out there. Say for instance, Amazon decided to pull all its ads, people would still know it exists but they wouldn’t go searching as often for it, so it would quickly fall off the corporate ladder. 

The advertising of the past was vastly different from today, mostly because they wanted to appeal to the styles of those decades, now it’s everything from abstract, to modern! Colors also play a major role in getting your attention or setting a mood. The color red invites hunger and if its a blaring sharp red, it quickly grabs your attention. If its a cool blue, you feel relaxed and content, or it can create a sense of sadness, it honestly all depends on what the context is and if the color is used properly then it can get your attention. 

Subliminal messaging is at play in ads though, which means these companies are strategically placing colors and letters in such a way that not only does it get your attention but it’s making you think things you wouldn’t normally think. Like the famous TV ad that burger king once released, in the lettuce leaf you could see dollar bills incorporated into it so they are invisible at a quick glance, but that glance is just enough for your brain to trick you into buying their product.