Biosludge- Good or Bad?

Olivia Bradley, Writer

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People rarely put much thought into what is used to fertilize our farms, forests, school playgrounds and public parks. However, that is all about to change. The Health Ranger is sounding the alarm on the dangers of biosolids, a toxic widely-used fertilizer that has contaminated our food and water supply, in his upcoming documentary “Biosluged”. The process begins every time you flush your toilet. Raw sewage including human feces and animal fats, which are classified as ‘sewage sludge,’ make their way to you local wastewater treatment plant.

The semi-solid organic matter is then biologically and chemically treated with lime to reduce odors and pathogen levels. This new product is then sold to your local municipality as a Biosolid, or Biosludge.

The Biosludge is then used for fertilizer on local farms or in parks. In the past citizens have complained because of the stench. The EPA admits biosolids have their own distinct smell described as “a slight musty, ammonia odor.” Little do these citizens know the aroma is the least of their worries. EPA whistleblower and author of the book “Science For Sale” Dr. David Lewis reveals in the film that these biosolids contain every toxic chemical, every heavy metal, and every pollutant that people are concerned about causing adverse health effects.

Why would city officials want to use such dangerous resources? According to the Health Ranger (Mike Adams), city leaders get financed kickbacks from Biosludge companies to keep the system going. The money combined with false data provided by the EPA is what has allowed this cover up to continue for so long.

Dr. Lewis says, “let any scientist try faking data they would be fired and put in prison. But fake data for the government and its interest and industries interests and you will be promoted and protected at the highest levels.” This should alarm every citizen because the EPA says all 50 states use Biosludge as fertilizer. That means this deadly, unregulated pollutant is contaminating our golf courses, our children’s’ baseball fields, and our community gardens.

Biosludge is a very severe problem that if not rectified soon will have a detrimental impact on humanities health and environment. As the Health Ranger warns, “this generation of humans may leave behind a truly toxic legacy for generations to come.”