Eddie Rufus, Writer

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It’s no secret that non-toxic deodorant is having a moment, aluminum is one of they key ingredients for deodorant as it temporarily blocks sweat under the arms. Some claims link aluminum to breast cancer in women. Also because deodorant is applied under the arms, close to the lymph nodes, applying a product with aluminum and other cancer causing ingredients can be particularly risky. However, when looking over everything the jury is still out on this on whether or not deodorant is bad for your health.


Some reasons you should switch to a natural deodorant is that you detox more naturally, with regular deodorants they  tend to clog your pores and make it harder for the body to detox on its own. Another reason why you should discontinue use is the other ingredient  phthalate is a common chemical found in scented products and it can negatively impact your health. Because the FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose what is in the so called “fragrance’ listed on the packaging. Chemically scented products such as deodorant can contain a host of dangerous chemicals, Switching to a natural deodorants ensures the fragrance used is natural and typically derived from essential oil.