Eddie Rufus, Writer

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On march 31st a rapper named Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his store in Los Angeles in the Crenshaw district. The rapper was at his store to help his friend get some new clothes who had just got out of prison. Nipsey was outside sitting on the hood of a car when a gunman came up to him and shot him once in the head and 3 times in his chest. Nipsey passed away at the hospital at 33 years old. The police later identified the gunmen as 29 year old Eric Holder, he was arrested for the murder of Nipsey Hussle.


Nipsey was a beloved figure in both hip hop and his neighborhood where he grew up at. His death brought a wave of tributes from fellow musicians, politicians, and athletes such as Pharrell Williams, Drake, Lebron, Issa rae and D-calif. The man was so praised. People started getting his face tattooed and morals all throughout the City of LA and around the world. He was not just a rapper he was a provider for his community: giving jobs to the homeless, trying to make a documentary on Dr. Sebi who had the cure for AIDS and many other diseases. Dr. Sebi died from pneumonia. There are others who have a conspiracy that the government killed him because he had the cure for diseases that bring in millions if not billions of dollars.