Review of No Man’s Sky

Review of No Man's Sky

Olivia Bradley, Writer

The video gaming industry was turned unto its head by a game called No Man’s Sky. When the developers at hello games first announced they would be creating a video game that would have no loading screens at all, people where very skeptical about the idea but had high hopes that it would make space games more popular.

Once the game finally released for the Pc in 2016, it sadly flopped and got many negative reviews saying how it was boring, or the game would glitch horribly. Hello Games has sought out to make this game how they intended it to, so they started creating periodic updates to the game. In about a year the small team of people working on No Man’s Sky made the game much more bearable, such as adding the ability to create your very own base, own a trading flagship, etc.

In the summer of this year 2019 they hope to come out with an even bigger update that will completely overhaul the game allowing others to interact together like never before. People will be able to create bases that cater to all players needs, maybe even create huge cities. Hello Games reports that the update will be free for all players and won’t require a subscription or micro-transactions.

Reading one of their earlier update reports i found out that they did make it to where you can have a small terrarium for a creature that you’ve discovered on your travels around the galaxy.

Now onto the real review of the game itself! Personally I enjoy No Man’s Sky a lot, mostly because its space. The graphics are beyond beautiful when you are in space, the only drawback is that sometimes there are lense flares if you look at a bright light that kinda blind you for a second. Since i don’t have internet at my home i can not play the updated versions of the game, so i’m technically still playing a game so many people find boring.

After awhile it does get boring because in this version there aren’t any real quests or missions you have to complete, mostly just trying to survive and warp to different solar systems. I don’t really like how your character has to learn three different languages just to communicate with the only three races of alien. The planet expeditions are really cool because you don’t truly know what planets your going to come across when  you warp to a new solar system.

Bottom line you have to try this game out if you have a PS4 or Pc, it truly is a magnificent game and I believe if you like space and adventure then this is the game for you!