Riots In San Bernardino Schools

Elyzia O'Brien, Writer

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Before going to Mesquite High School I attended two high schools in San Bernardino. At each of the two schools I experienced two major fights.

When I was a freshmen at Arroyo Valley High School there was a big riot between some of the black students and some of the Hispanic students. Everything got out of control. The whole school was on lockdown for an hour.

Then when I was at Cajon High School there was another riot that was dangerous. A whole group of kids jumped one kid and one of the students that was in the group had a knife and stabbed the one kid they jumped. In my opinion San Bernardino schools are bad but they have gotten better over the years so there isn’t as many riots anymore.

Those two high schools were the worst high schools in San Bernardino but now they are better than the rest of the high schools in San Bernardino. Now I think the worst school in San Bernardino is San Bernardino High School.