Busy, Busy, Busy Mr. Williams


Kandice Spratt, Writer


Mr. Williams also known as Whoop by most students, is your average teacher but when it comes time for swim season that is when he is not so average. He is the head swim coach for The Burroughs High School Boys and Girls Swim Team. This is not his first time though. Consider him a professional because it’s his eighth year coaching the Burroughs team! His daughter Gracie takes part of the team so while he’s pushing others to work hard, he gets to support his daughter in the process. Anytime he has a swim meet, he’ll come to school till 9:40 which is break time at Mesquite then he goes to Burroughs and loads up the bus then their on the way to the meet. All of us at Mesquite wish you a happy successful swim season Whoop!