El Chapo convicted of all 10 counts and faces life in prison

H.T., Writer

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Drug lord, Joaquin Guzman , better known as “El Chapo” was found guilty on all 10 federal counts against him on Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York. He is facing life in prison. Guzman had no reaction to verdict but as everyone left , he smiled and waved to his wife who smiled back & put her hand to her heart. Guzman was found guilty of leading the Sinaloa Cartel, drug trafficking, and murder conspiracies on February 12. The jury took 34 hours over 6 days after they gathered all the evidence to decide whether he was guilty or not. The jury also had to spend over 2 months listening to  all the evidence of what he had done. El chapo’s case had 56 witnesses, 14 of them were people who had worked for El Chapo. All the jurors were kept anonymous for safety reasons. Guzman will be sentenced June 25, 2019 for his final sentencing.