Job-Corp Field Trip: A Personal Reflection

Hayli McCormick, Writer

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Wednesday January 30th Mesquite and Burroughs School went to San Bernardino for a field trip to tour the Job Corps Campus. These students met on Burroughs Campus and loaded at 6:45 in the morning, the bus then drove 2 hours to the Campus. The leader of Job Corp explained the rules and let us go walk around. They told us what is expected of them as students. Monday they would strip the beds then head to school and there would be fresh sheets on the bed when you get back and you have to make your bed. Students were given around $25.00 every two weeks for body products. Students had to be back in your room at 9:30 PM or they would be written up. They took up to some of the triads we weren’t able to see them all but we got a good understand of what all goes on their.

We were about to head out but we went and talked to the culinary chef and he told us how he worked in a 5-Star hotel in the kitchen. He explained how there are different parts of the kitchens at hotels. There is a lot of book work in the beginning, but would be worth it in the end. We got all back-up and some students went to the bathroom.

A funny end occurred towards the end of the visit. The teachers counted the students and then we left without taking attendance. We ended up leaving a student in the bathroom and we got 8 miles and had to turn around and get him. It was an amazing trip and an experience. Job Corp is something I see in my future. I would recommend thinking about.