My Visit To Job Corps

Leslie Collins, Writer

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Yesterday a couple of other Mesquite students, myself ,and Mrs.King went on a field trip with some other students from Burroughs High School. We went down to San Bernardino to visit a school called Job Corp. what is Job Corp you ask? Job Corps is a program administered by the United States Department of Labor that offers free-of-charge education and vocational training to young men and women ages 16 to 24. While we were there we went on a tour and saw the men’s and women’s dorms (they are not coed). We also went and visited some of the classes (or trades) that the school has to offer. Then we went and had some lunch in the cafeteria.  After we finished eating we went and visited one more trade that the school had to offer. All in all it was a pretty fun field trip and I am definitely considering attending the school.