Children and Flammable Objects – Not a Good Combination

Elyzia O'Brien, Writer

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 Fireworks can be really dangerous, even homemade fireworks. My little brother who is friends with the boy who was injured knows first hand that fireworks are dangerous. The story took place on July 4th 2017 in San Bernardino. A little 8 year old boy went to his friends house with his older brother that was 9 years old. The boys got to their friends house around 8:30 at night the boys friend said they were going to ignite a “bomb”. The little boy ignited the can of shaving cream while the 8 year old boy was holding it. The neighbors heard a loud sound that they never heard before then they heard little kids screaming and crying. When it was all over the 8 year old boy lost his hand and was in very bad condition. The other little boys had minor injuries. Another little boy couldn’t see for 1-2 weeks because of the explosion from the homemade firework. There were no parents outside when this happened. If parents were outside none of this would of happened to the little boys. So watch your children with fireworks or other flammable things.