My Favorite Time of Year

Leslie Collins, Writer

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Throughout the year there are four different types of seasons, but you knew that. Some people really love summer, they get to go to the beach, have a lot of outdoor events, and enjoy the warm summer days. Other people love spring time, that’s for the people who love both the warm and cold weather because that is the time of year where it is not really summer anymore and it is not winter yet either. Many people love fall because that is when summer is officially over and it starts to get colder, the leaves start to fall off the trees and all the pretty fall colors start to appear. Then finally, you have the winter season, the time of year for snow, hot coco, soft blankets, and fuzzy socks.

That is my favorite time of year, I like to bundle up and wear sweaters, and boots, and fuzzy socks. I love winter because that means Christmas is coming and who doesn’t love Christmas, am I right? I love winter the most because it is just a fun time you get to play in the snow (if you live in a snowy place), you get to drink hot chocolate all the time and if it gets cold enough and snows… that means no school which who doesn’t love a good snow day? Winter is the best time of year because it is a time of celebration especially because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.