Why Things Never Change

Samuel T. Boyenga, Writer

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Some of us have too much going on in our lives, and others not enough. How can we find a way to balance these two out? Well we can’t. It might even get worse, and it might even get better, but we do not possess the power nor knowledge to have any sort of lasting impact on how the minds of people work. There will always be those who want to watch the world burn, and those who wait with extinguishers at the ready. This cycle of war, hate, and self-destruction will persist for as long as we continue to populate the earth. Chances are that you’ve had some quite disturbing thoughts yourself, maybe there was a time where you could happily feed newborn babies into a meat grinder for a few minutes, or perhaps for about an hour you could enjoy hunting some targets a bit smarter than deer. These are normal, we have these deep desires within us to secretly want chaos and violence. It’s in our psyche. And as shocking as the examples that I listed are… it’s true! Maybe not for you, or for me, but someone out there. We aren’t good people because of lack of “bad” thoughts in our head, but how we choose to act/ don’t act upon them. In my opinion, it looks better to find ways of alleviating these thoughts through activities rather than to stone-cold stop and do nothing. Master your thoughts and what you want, you are in control of yourself and being able to convert these thoughts into something productive and worthwhile shows a lot. If you have bad road rage and constantly want to veer into oncoming traffic and cause a 52 car pile-up, go play a video game, go home and go at a punching bag for 30 minutes, something along these lines. It’s actually quite bad for us to bottle up our emotions, fatal even. And what I really mean by the title “Why Things Never Change” is that the very core of everything we do doesn’t change. We may find better ways of doing, but it never deviates from the original purpose or task that a person or object was given. We are doing the exact same thing that we did thousands of years ago, it just looks different. So don’t try and change the world, because it’s never going to happen and that’s not bad thing.