2JZ Vs. RB26 Which One is Better?

Charles Perano, Writer

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  The RB series is a family of inline-six motors that come from Nissan Skyline’s with options of 2.0L or 3.0L along with NA, Twin Turbo, Single Turbo. The RB series is one of the top of the line motors you can get and you can easily add 550hp on stock internals, but they also have oil consumption problems, but there is a way around it. The 2JZ is also a inline-six motor that comes in Toyota Supra’s with 2.5L or 3.0L coming with Twin Turbos while the stock internals can handle up to 800hp. Both motors can handle 1,000hp on stock block and room for more, Inline-six’s are motors with the cylinders mounted in a straight line and move up and down instead of moving side to side like a traditional V6 motor.