What Really Lives in The Ocean?

Leslie Collins, Writer

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The deepest, darkest, scariest place in the world is a crescent-shaped canyon in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is called the Mariana Trench, and at the very, very bottom is the lowest point on Earth’s surface, the Challenger Deep which is approximately 36,200 ft. deep. Its floor is seven terrifying miles down. Now there have been many movies about what is in the deepest parts of the ocean. For example, the movie Piranha, no one knew they were down there until an earthquake under the ocean floor happened setting the flesh eating fish loose. But that is just a movie, so what’s really down there?

Does anyone know? Will we ever know? Now some people have gone down to the deepest parts, but very little information has been said about what they have seen. Perhaps they don’t want people to find out. So no one really knows the truth about what really is down there if there is anything down there. I believe there is. Do you?