Why Do We Dream?

Leslie Collins, Writer

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Why do we dream? I bet a lot of people ask the question. Dreams are actually hallucinations that happen during certain stages of sleep. They are the strongest during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage, that stage is when you usually can’t remember your dreams. The role of sleep helps regulate your metabolism, blood pressure, brain function, and other aspects of health. It is quite difficult for scientist to actually figure out why we dream in the first place.

See when you are awake your thoughts you actually have a certain reasoning to them. Same with dreams when you sleep, because your brain is still functioning while you are sleeping; although dreams and thoughts almost never make sense. The reason behind that is because while you sleep, the emotional centers in your brain causes the dreams to happen. Some people believe that we dreams so that way we can store important memories and things we have learned, and also forget non-important memories or thoughts.

Dreams can help figure out complicated feelings or thoughts. Scientist say that if you think of something or try to remember something before going to bed; you will remember it the next day for sure. So it’s not one hundred percent known as to what causes dreams, but it’s kind of cool to think about and try to figure out.