The World’s Scariest Haunted House – Could You Handle It?

The World’s Scariest Haunted House - Could You Handle It?

Leslie Collins

People say that they have been to a lot of “super scary” haunted houses and that nothing is scarier, but that just means they have never been to The McKamey Manor in San Diego, CA. this haunted house is the most terrifying, gut wrenching, and terrifying haunted house in America. The house can only have two visitors at a time go through, and they have to have a background test done by the owner Russ McKamey before entering the tour. It is a fact that no one has EVER been able to finish the haunted house, not even a Marine adrenaline junkie was able to finish. People have described this place as a real life horror movie because all of it is filmed while people go through. The owner came up with the haunted house fourteen years ago. While you go through the haunted house, the actors can touch you. Some people have been thrown into cages full of snakes, they have been forced to eat rotten eggs, and even gagged. It’s been known to make even the toughest men and woman cry. Guest MUST sign a waiver before entering the haunted house. Guest must be 21 and can’t have any serious medical conditions. I would definitely try and make it all the way through. Would you?