Are We Living In a Simulation? The Shocking Answer Revealed…..

Samuel Boyenga

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When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? You pet your fish and let them know how much you love and care for them, but… did you ever notice that when you do so, the fish doesn’t speak? Well, this is all condemning evidence giving us the answer that has been eluding mankind for generations. Extensive research has been conducted by the SSS (Samuel’s Scientific Smoogery) and the results are earth-shattering, and you won’t believe what they are. Before the answer is revealed I must warn you that the very foundation of life and it’s meanings will forever be changed. You won’t look at your family, friends, or pets the same ever again. Minds will be blown, confused and mesmerized by the discoveries that have been made regarding our very being… and prepare yourselves for the awakening that is to come… are we living in a simulation? The answer is… very shocking, and you must know that the world is gonna change. For centuries, man have pondered their existence, and asked many a question to decipher the mystery that is life, and even after thousands of years of wandering and pondering we haven’t come any closer to knowing the true nature of what we are. Are we just a product of natural causes within the vast expanse of space? Or is there a power above that has made us be, and watches over? Well ponder no more and no longer, we have the ultimate proof, the ultimate evidence, and the ULTIMATE indisputable fact of where we are and what are place in this universe is… and it is captivating, shocking, offensive to some, and a a relief to others… are we in a simulation… well… we can only hope that those who read this keep their head straight and come to the conclusion of reality that is what the answer is… so… before I answer the question, brace yourselves…………. The answer………. The answer is…. Revolutionary, and will fuel the world with feelings unknown to all right now, but once the answer is said you will know these feelings…………. So………. Are we living in a simulation? Well………… I hope you understand.