Mesquite Listens to Tony M. Hoffman

Leslie Collins

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Tony Hoffman is a former BMX pro and ex-drug addict. In high school Tony started getting involved with the BMX scene around seventh grade, he became really good at it around his sophomore year of high school. He was sponsored by many companies and was on the cover of a famous magazine, BMX, but around his senior year of high school his life took a hard and sharp turn. Around his senior year he started getting in drugs and alcohol and partying, at first it was just marijuana, but it then progressed to harder drugs like Vicodin, and Oxycontin. Which he later became addicted to and destroyed his life. He actually became homeless and was couch surfing from friend to friend and the only way he was able to stay is if he had some type of drug with him. He finally got in trouble by breaking into a house that was up for rent that was empty and the cops caught him and arrested him. In 2004 Tony and a friend had committed a home invasion armed robbery, which sent him to prison in 2007 for two years. While in prison he ended up experiencing a life changing thing. After that he realized that he needed to change or he was going to end up like all his other friends either back in jail or back on drugs. After he was released from prison he changed his whole life around he got away from the drugs, he cut off all the negativity and only focus on the positive.

He ended up getting back on his bike and got back into BMX he trained almost everyday, he then competed in a bunch of competitions and became a pro, until he had an accident during a race. He ended up blowing out his knee and had to have a major surgery. After the surgery he tried to ride again but it was never the same. So later he became a BMX coach and coached Brooke Crain who placed third place in the Woman’s BMX 2016 Rio Olympics. Now Tony is one the most inspirational Motivational speakers in my opinion. He has traveled all over america talking to all these kids telling his story and just putting a message out there that can really leave a mark on you. He also has a non-profit foundation that helps kids in tough neighborhoods and have tough lives learn BMX and just do right by themselves. He is a true inspiration to kids, adults, and all people in general.