Why Can’t We Eat Rocks?

Samuel T. Boyenga, Writer

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We have all these delicious foods to eat, and yet we can’t consume rocks? Why not? People may say that rocks contain no nutritional value, but just think about this for a second… what are the essential microscopic ingredients that make up our food: protein, carbs, fiber, sugar, water, and MINERALS! Rocks are nothing but pure minerals! Actually, everything we consume has rocks in it, and it’s called salt. We eat rocks damn day, so why can’t we all just walk out our front door, look down at the ground, and pick up a nice, rocky, tasty, solid snack that is just one solid piece of mineral? Please consider the next time you encounter a rock of some sort, and give it a little taste, maybe take a lick or take a bite! You may just be surprised at the rush of minerals and good earthly energy that’ll move through your system. So eat rocks!