Meet Tymarkus Woods

Andy Robles, Writer

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We all know Tymarkus as the nice ASB guy who takes pictures. But who is he really? Tymarkus views himself as an outspoken, caring, opinionated person. For example, one time he saw a puppy all alone and he chose to get in his car and drive the puppy to the animal shelter and has gone back every Saturday to help care for him.


He has many hobbies to keep himself busy. Some of these hobbies include: being creative like drawing, he loves watching old TV shows like Twilight Zone, but his favorite is The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. He likes it because it is a combination of horror and thriller movies and it fascinates him how he can make those work.


Tymarkus chose to come to Mesquite because he realized that, when he was at opps, he was not getting the credits he was working so hard for. So, he made the decision to switch here and he is proud to be a Mesquite Dragon. He believes that Mesquite could change in five simple steps. Step one would be to give the students more options such as more insight on what they can do with their lives. Step two is to make the students feel free and confident about what or where they come from whether it is their ethnicity or race. Step three would be to update the school to give it more of a modern theme by adding a better media center, improved gym, and office. He believes that this would give the students more confidence in acknowledging the school.


Tymakrus is a very interactive person who always wants the best for others and he is a good example of what a good Mesquite student should be. His favorite formal food is baked, fried, roasted, and pretty much any type of chicken out there. His favorite snack or dessert is cheese because when he was younger his mother would constantly buy string cheese and he just adapted to it. If he could travel to any place in the world he would love to visit Paris because it is so beautiful, ethnic, and rustic and he would like to get married there. His favorite color is yellow because when he was born his mom bought him a scarf  and a hat that were yellow he believes that the color represents bravery, joy and boldness. So, that is Tymarkus hit him up.