A Book Review: Black Boy

Rebekah Meyer, Writer

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Family is important to many, although not very important at the same time. To such people including a man named Richard Wright. The book “Black Boy” is about Richard Wright and was actually even written by Richard. Now Richard grew up with only a few members of his family being around. Most of the family members were negative characters in his life causing him a lot of trials to learn and grow from. It did take him time to figure things out and to be an independent man in life even to society. Richard had to grow up fast because of the lack of a positive family members.

In Richards life his mother would beat him for things that he did even if they were an accident and it meant no harm. For example in the beginning of the story Richard was telling of the time he burned down his family’s home because he was playing with fire in the house. Richard didn’t mean to burn anything down his mind just got lost in thought and he just did it on impulse. When he realized what he had down he ran out of the in fear of being badly beaten by his mother or father. So Richard ran and hid underneath the house for as long as he could to stay safe from the beatings. Even though he hid he was found and beaten close to death with a thin branch from a tree nearby. Growing up his mother made him do things like stand up for himself to bullies. Although that is a good lesson he took it to far and started fighting in school and hanging out in the wrong crowds of so called “friends”. Everything he learned from his mother he took in the wrong ways of growing up.

Now that is not the only person in his family that did him wrong or taught him bad things or even broke him down and told him he and his life was wrong. His Grandmother was a very big part in being a negative role model. His grandmother told him that he couldn’t go to school unless it was a church school. She also told him that he wasn’t aloud to get a job and earn money just because she could. Richards Grandmother tried to beat him for saying something inappropriate because she thought that he learned it from the books the maid was reading. Richards grandmother tries to beat him for a lot of things but never got the chance because he would stand up for himself or someone else did it for grandmother.

Most of everyone in Richards life was a negative person to him. No one really believed in him or his dreams or taught him good things. His family set in stone a path that was going to lead him nowhere in life. In fact the only person that was really positive was himself although he struggled to learn that he was better off doing things his way. The worst person in Richards life was his father. His father left him and his family just as a young boy. Richard had to watch his mother struggle for rent, food, and even clothes. Richards father just got up and left and never returned to help out with anything involving them.