The Dark Web

Andy Robles, Writer

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What is the Dark Web? The Dark Web is the part of the internet that makes up 4% of the world wide web. Everyone is familiar with websites like YouTube, Google, Facebook etc. But that only makes up 6% of what is really out there. The Deep Web makes up the other 90%, this is where people can buy pretty much anything they can think of. Some of these things include guns, drugs, social security numbers, fake ids and the list goes on. However, the reason the Dark Web is much more illegal is because of the things one can find on there. This is where you can find chat rooms for cannibalism and murder; you can also buy people, snuff films (videos of people being killed), famous stolen artwork or figures, and so much more disturbing items. Getting on here is not something that one can just Google. People who access the Dark Web use secure browsers such as Tor. Tor, for example, will keep their IP address hidden and constantly changing making it seem like they are in different places every second so that they cannot be tracked down by the authorities. Also, these browsers cannot be downloaded on mobile devices, it takes “full on” computers to be able to gain access. Purchasing items on here is just as dangerous as trying to access it. Apart from the fact that you can immediately start to be tracked when you get on there, if you do decide to buy on here they will have access to your information pretty easily. When you do receive your package it can contain other things like bombs, anthrax, drugs and other hazardous materials. The Dark Web is an overall, very shady, and dangerous place to be and it should be a goal to avoid it.