The Queen Mary’s Room B340 – Beware! This Room is Haunted

The Queen Mary's Room B340 - Beware! This Room is Haunted

Leslie Collins

The Queen Mary Room B340

By:Leslie Collins

The Queen Mary is a very known ship, it is also known to be very haunted. Specifically one of the top ten haunted places on earth. It is most popular “spooky” room is room B340. It has said that back in the 60s a man went crazy and brutally murdered two woman, his crimes were discovered and was locked away in his stateroom B226. The door was locked and a guard had been standing outside. He later started pounding on the door screaming for help saying, “Help me there is someone in here with me trying to kill me!!” The guard just ignored him thinking it was just a ruse to try and escape. After a while he finally calmed down and the guard just thought he went to sleep. The next day when the ship docked in New York, the ship crew called NYPD and reported the crime. When they opened the door to the state room, they discovered his body ripped apart and his entrails and limbs spread out all over the room. He could not have done this to himself.

There have been many more terrifying stories like a husband killing his wife, a man murdered his whole family, a passenger traveling alone had his throat slit and many many more stories. It has been said that covers have been pulled off passengers, coat hangers rattling, knocking on the walls and doors, footsteps, and even the faucet in the bathroom was running. It was closed off to the public for awhile due to all the horrific things, but has recently been reopened to the public and can now be booked by anyone. Sounds like a fun adventure to me!